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Toledo Thatch Removal – Dethatching

Why is dethatching important for my lawn?

What is it?

Dethatching provides many benefits to your Toledo lawn. This service is used to remove excess amount of thatch (dead grass on the lawn) which builds up over time naturally from mowing. When you mow your lawn the grass clippings create a layer of dead grass (thatch) on the lawn.

Why have it done?

It is not recommended to mow with a bagger. It is best to let the grass clippings naturally fall on to the lawn and decompose. This creates a rich base which helps to fertilize the lawn when the thatch begins to decompose. Sometimes when the thatch becomes too thick it does not decompose rapidly enough which prevents watering, as well as fertilizers, weed control products from reaching the grass roots and keeps them from being used as effectively.

How often?

The importance of dethatching service in Toledo is completely dependent on the amound of thatch in your lawn. We recommend the service is only needed if the thatch layer of your lawn is greater than one half of an inch.

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