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Toledo Slit Seeding Service

How slit seeding can drastically improve your lawn

What is it?

Slit seeding is used to thicken an existing lawn, by sowing new grass seed into the dirt. This service may also referred to as power seeding. A slit seeding machine is a machine that has tines or blades which cuts lines in to a yard, seed is then dispensed into the small cuts the machine makes on the yard to plant the seed.

Why have it done?

Slit seeding provides many benefits over traditional broadcast seeding by providing better germination rates than typical broadcast seeding methods due to the fact that the seed is planted under the soil rather than just resting on top of it. This service is recommended because less seed is waisted because of the better dirt to seed contact with less waste because birds can not eat the seed.

When should I use this service?

This service is recommended to anyone looking for a thicker, healthier lawn. This service is also a good option for anyone looking to establish a new lawn.

**The video above is credited to GreenWorks Lawn Care. We do not represent them, this video is merely for educational purposes for any of our current and potential customers.

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