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Toledo Leaf Removal and Cleanup

Why leaf removal?

Removing leafs from your Toledo lawn is extremely important for maintaining a beautiful lawn. When leafs are not removed they become matted on the turf causing the grass roots to weaken which prevents the grass from growing as rapidly the following season.

RankerLAWN crews will

Blow leaves from all areas of the property, between bushes, under garages, along fence lines etc with a commerical blower. If customer requests complete removal, our crews will then use a machine suction to disperse the leaves into the back of one of our trucks for removal. Smaller projects we may simply load them into a trailer. Due to the nature of this service, RankerLAWN charges hourly. There is a one hour minimum charge for this service.

Whats Included?

This service is usually performed in the October and November months when most of the leaves have fallen. We try to schedule all cleanups according to the municipitality leaf schedules. Follow up services may be necessary if further leaves fall onto the lawn.

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Additional Leaf Removal Service Areas