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Toledo Lawn Seeding Service

A full, thick lawn provides many benefits!

Thicken your Toledo Lawn!

Lawn seeding is an important part of achieving a beautiful lawn. Having new grass planted in your lawn provides many benefits. Your lawn will look better by having a full and thick lawn. Additionally it will also prevent weed growth by fighting out new weeds from appearing. Having a thick lawn plays an important role in achieving and preventing weed growth.

Options available to seed yards

If you wish to thicken the lawn regularly overtime we would use core aeration process. Then a broadcast seeder to spread seed on the lawn. Our crews will use a core aeration machine to pull small core of dirt from the lawn, this helps to de-compact the soil which in turn will better help the grass roots make better use of water and nutrients. Then using a broadcast seeder we would spread seed on to the lawn those seeds would germinate within the holes applied by the core aerator.

Slit seeding is one of our most effective methods

Slit seeding uses a machine that cuts lines in to the yard and drops seeds within those grooves. It is the most effective option because of the higher seed to soil ratio which provides a better germination rate. Learn more about slit seeding.

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