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Toledo Retaining Wall Installation

Hire a professional to hold that dirt back!

Toledo Retaining Wall Custom Installation

We build custom retaining walls for all areas of your home. Retaining walls are a great way to define area of the property as well as beautifying with gorgeous stones and patterns. Retaining walls are used for many different purposes. Uses include not only holding dirt back but many of our customers choose to use retaining walls around a pond, around pools,  sitting area for hardscapes, as well as general defining purposes.

Install a custom hardscape for entertaining

Retaining walls are not only are used to hold dirt back but are also a great way to enhance the appeal of a home and define different areas of a landscape. RankerLAWN crews will visit your home talk with you about the type of rock, pattern style, shape and size as well as a great location of your retaining wall. And of course we can provide options to you if you aren’t quite sure what would look best

Custom retaining walls will enhance the value and appeal of your Toledo property

Our retaining walls provide a beautiful landscape enhancement for many years to come and improve your properties value. Plus, our retaining walls are backed by our own custom warranty. If the retaining walls become damaged due to improper construction your retaining wall will be fixed absolutely free of charge.


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