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Who We Are, Where We’ve Been, and Where Were Going

Who We Are

RankerLAWN was established in 1999 and has continued to uphold a reputation for client care and eco-friendly practices in the Toledo, OH area. We are residents of Toledo, Ohio and only use fertilizer that supports the beauty and pristine nature of this area. With RankerLAWN you can expect personable customer support and local expertise on every lawn and landscape project we address.

Our Mission at RankerLAWN is to simply provide landscaping and lawn care services with professionalism and exceeding industry standards. We use state of the art equipment, and are 100% insured to do any projects required.

At RankerLAWN we devote a substantial amount of time towards research and evaluation of new products and equipment. This allows us continually to improve our services towards meeting both your commercial and residential needs

Employees: We perform background checks and drug tests for all employees. Our in-house training emphasizes professionalism and customer satisfaction in all areas of our work. What you won’t get with other companies is what we have: friendly people you can always approach if you have a questions and concerns.

Equipment: We maintain top of the line commercial grade equipment. Our revolving maintenance program is reassurance to you that our equipment will be running when you need it! With frequent upgrades, and a passion for the industry, you can always expect a high-quality cut on your lawn.

Safety: We implement all of OSHAA’s safety standards and beyond. We strive for safety in every area of our work. For your peace of mind we carry worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and millions in general liability coverage. Why is insurance so important when hiring a contractor?

Where We’ve Been

RankerLAWN was started 15 years ago by two young brothers looking to make a few bucks in junior high school. Our custom made trailer and ATV driving the streets quickly made us famous throughout the neighborhood! With the guidance of great parenting (love you mom and dad!), we quickly learned the true value of hard work. Our dedication has never changed and we will not settle for anything less than your complete satisfaction.

Need a Hand? Well we are always here to help in any way we can.

Where We’re Going

Establishing the company that we are today has been a success through pure hard work and dedication. We wish to share our passion and enthusiasm with as many people as we can. One of the greatest benefits of a service company is the ability to interact and share a piece of our lives with our loyal customers. We always strive to keep our company headed in the right direction and with the help of our strong client base, the future looks bright!

What You Can Expect

People you can relate to: Have a problem? Any RankerLAWN employee will be happy to help you, just look for the green shirts! Of course you can always give us a call (419)270-2545, or contact us here.

Professional & Clean image: You can expect the cleanest trucks and the friendliest workers in town. All workers are in uniform while on your property, and there is absolutely no smoking or swearing.

Grade-A Quality: You can always rely on a professional, high quality level of service matched equally with an unparalleled degree of motivation to achieve your utmost satisfaction.

Billing with ease: Easy to read monthly invoices are mailed or emailed directly to you and can make payments online, in person, or over the phone with your credit card. Of course, you can always mail a check in too.

Pay nothing up front!: With RankerLAWN, there is never any obligation – you may cancel at anytime.

As Always, Peace of Mind. We carry enough insurance to protect against a small war breaking out on your lawn, let alone a cut sprinkler head. We make ourselves the last thing you need to worry about.