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Toledo Sod Installation  

Why installing sod is a great investment!

Professional Sod Installation

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Sod is great for covering large areas or bare spots in the lawn. RankerLAWN service reps are trained how to properly install sod. If your lawn has large patches of area that is not covered in grass, or if over 50% of the grass is covered with weeds it may be best to consider having sod installed.


Proper installation is key!

Sod that is not properly installed will become brittle and burn out. Additionally if it is not applied correctly it may never take root which eventually will also lead to it dying out due to it not receiving proper water and nutrients. RankerLAWN crews will prepare the soil. Take soil test to determine if the proper nutrients are in the soil, as well as properly fertilize and water the sod after sod installation.

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Toledo Lawn Care Tip:
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The best time to install sod is spring months April - May and fall months. August 15 - Oct 15.

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