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Toledo Lawn Edging Service

Beautify your lawn with EDGING

Not to be confused with trimming

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Edging removes excess dirt to create a crip, eye appealing border around your landscape. Edging your property will increase the curb appeal of your home and define areas between the landscaping bed and grass as well as the sidewalk and lawn. Edging is a great service to have done in addition to our weekly mowing services.


There is TWO types of edging

  • Lawn Edging: Where all areas along concrete surfaces are edged to prevent grass and sod from growing over onto the sidewalk or edging. 
  • Landscape Bed Edging: Where the borders of all landscape beds are edged to define the areas where the lawn meets the flower beds. This service is recommended for anyone having us install new mulch.

Keep in Mind

Weed eaters and/or trimmers are NOT designed to edge lawns and can cause significant wear on the machine. RankerLAWN uses two different machines (dependent on the type of edging requested) that are specifically designed for the type of edging service requested.


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Toledo Lawn Care Tip:
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Edging is a great tool to beautify and enhance your landscaping.

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