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About our Mulching Service

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Mulch installation from RankerLAWN includes delivery of mulch to your home or business. RankerLAWN crews will install the material around trees, in flower beds and specific areas that you wish for your mulch to be placed. We offer many mulch varieties to suite you needs. We offer our mulch services to Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford and surrounding areas.

Why Mulch?

There are many benefits to mulching! Once mulch begins to decompose it replenishes the soil with key nutrients plants use to maintain optimal health. Additionally, mulching your trees and flower beds helps plants to get moisture because rainwater becomes trapped in the mulch, plants will use and store this water throughout the year. 

Best time to mulch and how often?

For the most part it is good to mulch plants at anytime throughout the year. If it is hot be sure to water the day before installation. It is suggested to mulch at least once a year in order to maintain nutrients in the soil.


Triple Ground Natural Premium Hardwood Mulch

A rich brown hardwood used for homes and preferred by many outdoor gardeners and yardmen. Triple Ground's size ranges from the size of a pen cap to coffee grounds.

Double Ground Natural Eco Mulch

Definately our best seller in Toledo! This mulch is the same as above, but has a few bigger chunks. This mulch is our best value and ranges from being the size of a golf pencil to coffee grounds. 

Triple Ground Color Enhanced Natural Blended Mulch

This is the same double processed natural mulch except it is ground into smaller particles and enhanced with more color. This mulch is perfect for high-erosion areas.

Double Ground Red Enhanced Dyed Mulch

This mulch is color enhanced using a vegetable based red tinting agent for that bright color to enhance your Toledo landscape beds. It is also treated with anti-molding agents to help protect from mid-season mildew.

Double Ground Black Enhanced Dyed Mulch

This mulch is enhanced using the same process as the red mulch above. We recommend mulch depths of at least 2-3 inches with all of our mulches in the Toledo area.

Double Ground Chocolate Brown Enhanced Dyed Mulch

This mulch is enhanced using the same process as the red and black mulch above. Our brown mulches Toledo are one of our favorites to install in natural landscape surroundings.



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Toledo Mulch Installation Tip:
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When mulching while its hot, be sure to cool the soil temperature by watering so the plants will not burn

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